Ride 45 [45 mins; choose your own / mid intensity]​

Rhythm based ride set to fun tunes, this class delivers a big work-out in short order. This ride builds and is sure to increase your endurance and strength.

Ride 60 [60 mins; choose your own / mid intensity]​

Improve athletic performance with this terrain-based technique class that focuses on cadence, climbs, and sprints for a challenging ride 

Rhythm 45 [45 mins; mid to high intensity]​

Dance to the beat in your saddle in this high-intensity class set to fast paced tunes that lift your mood and challenge your cardio.

Cardio Core [60 mins; med intensity]​

Incorporating a variety disciplines including Pilates, yoga, and ballet, this class is low-impact on joint, but builds core strength and uses light weights, Pilates ball, and sliders to strengthen and tone legs, back, and arms.

Tone 45 [45 mins; high intensity]​

Full-body circuit based workout that demands everything you’ve got.  High intensity work that targets strength, core and cardio is the full package.

Dance [50 mins; low to mid intensity]​

Fun and light-hearted. Basic moves such as squats and lunges put to music. The routines feature aerobic style dance moves, high knees, grape vines and turns to challenge our minds and bodies. Light weights and core work sprinkled into the class to help tone and sculpt the body.

BodyWork [45 mins; 30 min low intensity + 15 min education]​

A combination of cardio and strength work in a safe, body-inclusive format that includes scaffolded goal-setting and targeted workouts to help you achieve your desired results.

Kettlebell AMPD [45 mins; mid to high intensity]​

Kettlebell strength moves set to heart-pumping music, this is fast-paced and fun for the group fitness lover.

SPLIT Cycle [45 mins; mid to high intensity]​

SPLIT your time between the bike and the floor. This high intensity workout is designed to keep heart rate in the sweet spot with challenging cardio and strength intervals to create the max benefits for your body and a burn long after class is over.

Flow Cycle [60 mins; 35 min mid intensity cycle + 25 min low intensity floor work]​

Get your metabolic systems revved up with this high intensity/active recovery regimen on the bike. Finish your workout with a plank series and stretches.

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