Swchinnbox Classes

All riders, please arrive early to the studio to allow time for checking in, particularly if you are renting shoes or purchasing a package.  The instructors will check you in.

How do I best prepare for my first ride? 
If renting shoes, you’ll want to arrive about 10 minutes before class time. Come hydrated and ready to sweat!  You are in control of how much resistance you ride with and will get stronger with every class you take.  All of our classes are beginner accessible and we are a judgement-free zone.

What should I wear?
We hope you work up a good sweat! It's important to wear shorts or fitted tights (no baggy legs near the crank). We recommend moisture wicking fabric.

Do I need special shoes?  
No, your athletic shoes work fine in the pedal cages, but the ride is more enjoyable with cycling shoes.  fLEX rents PEARL iZUMi  indoor shoes for $2.  Give them a try - you'll be glad you did.  If you have outdoor shoes, we sell clips that are SPD compatible with indoor bikes.  We will carry shoes for retail soon. 

Will my rear end be sore and for how long? 

New riders are often sore after their first few cycling classes. This will go away after your first initial rides.  The muscles and tendons in your rear just take some time to get used to the new pressure from riding in the saddle. Good form helps we will show you! 


What is your late policy? 
Your bike will be released at the start of class if you haven’t signed in. If your bike is still open when you arrive we’re happy to let you into a class during the warm-up song (approximately 7 minutes after class start time), but after that please ask your instructor is it's okay to join late.  Some classes require a warm-up.

Gymbox Classes

What do I need to bring?

Comfortable clothes for working out and clean athletic shoes.  Please, no shoes with dirt in the gym.  WATER! If you forget your water bottle we offer cold water for $1.

Equipment is provided by the gym.  We have communal yoga mats classes that use them, but you are welcome to store a mat at the studio if you prefer.

Are there showers?  No showers, but we have large bathrooms with towels and products that allow you to freshen up.