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Private and Semi-Private 

Personal Training

Whether you are returning to fitness or are just getting started, we can offer a program that is tailored to your specific fitness and wellness needs in a fun and safe setting.  We will help to hold you accountable and will push you to meet your goals.   Our small space offers EVERYTHING you need to get a great workout to address strength, balance, form, cardio, nutrition, etc.  We offer private and small group training.

Youth Sports Training

No matter your sport of choice, targeted training will take your performance to the next level.  We will help you create and improve techniques and skills to make the most of your ability.  Conditioning, speed, agility, strength, balance, core training, and coordination will all be addressed.  Sessions can occur individually or in small groups.

fLEX on the GO

Whether you are not ready to return to a studio setting or you prefer the privacy of your own home, fLEX on the GO will come to you.  Private training in a completely private setting may be EXACTLY what you need to keep your motivation strong.  

Senior Strength and Balance

Well rounded, low impact, whole body program to address endurance, strength and range of motion for the senior population.  Chair and assisted postures available throughout the class, class is accessible to any fitness level.  Focuses on overall functional body strength using tubing, gym modalities and light weights; offering special attention to this population, including fall prevention and environmental considerations.  

Gap:  Injury to Function

Whether you are finishing a PT rehab program or recovering from a short or long term injury, working with our experienced personal trainers,  who have the skillset and experience, will help you bridge the gap and help you return to complete fitness functionality.  

fLEX Mamas

The fLEX Mamas Program is designed to meet you at every stage of motherhood.  Prenatal and postnatal fitness groups will help you to feel confident and safe in your workout routine.  Newly pregnant or recovering from delivery?  This circuit style small group training session will allow you to learn to move your changing body in an effective way to meet your needs.  Core work, strengthening the pelvic floor, and addressing proper form will help you be stronger in your daily life.


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